dsc_0009Training For Warriors

Looking to build strength, lose fat and feel healthier in a safe, fun and welcoming environment? 

Our Training For Warriors program and certified team of professionals is guaranteed to deliver results and bring out your Warrior within! Newcomers and seasoned veterans alike are all welcomed to join our “Familia”. Our non-intimidating approach will provide you with the programming and motivation needed to make your fitness goals a reality, from day to day challenges to obstacles courses such as a Tough Mudder and Spartan Race. 

At TFW, we believe everyone can be a Warrior.  We define a Warrior as anyone prepared to work hard, develop oneself and take on his or her particular challenges in life. The fun and exciting workouts of the TFW system are designed to help you develop the muscular strength and mental fortitude needed to take on those challenges and succeed in your fitness goals.

8-Week Transformation

            “Lose fat, gain muscle…feel better!” Time to transform your life. For those who are new to the world of health and fitness or those returning from a really long break, we are here to jump start your fitness journey. This eight-week process begins with an initial consultation with our certified professionals, nutritional coaching, fitness evaluation, body composition analysis and weekly check-ins to ensure you are on the path to success. 

TFW Boot Camp

If you are familiar with exercising and looking for a fun, interactive way to elevate your fitness. TFW Boot Camp will help you develop into a mature, highly disciplined and fully capable Warrior. Boot Camp classes are designed to acclimate you to the mindset of a Warrior before graduating you to TFW Strength. Proper training techniques are reinforced as well as an introduction to new modalities such as medicine balls, suspension training, kettle bells, ropes and much more to give you a fun and effective way to “lose fat and build muscle!”

TFW Strength

Compliment your metabolic conditioning and expedite your fitness goals with TFW Strength. Our team of professional coaches will guide you on a path to strength training success and safety, from basic exercises to advance movement patterns and methodologies. Training techniques and modalities introduced in TFW Boot Camp will be expanded upon to maximize proficiency. Strength training has been proven to be one of the easiest ways to increase confidence and maintain a healthier lifestyle. 

TFW Hurricane

Take your fitness to another level with our exclusive TFW Hurricane! Originally designed for the world’s top combat athletes to increase performance and mental strength, it is now available for everyone to try. So if you’re looking to experience how a combat Warrior trains, then we challenge you to come out and weather the storm! 

 How to get Started!

Worried about purchasing a program that you may not use? Not a problem… test drive TFW with our 3 session trial package. This introductory package includes all 3 TFW class offerings; Strength, Boot Camp and our exclusive Hurricane class. That’s 3 classes for the price of one; a $75 value!

For additional information or to start your trial package now, contact us at 516 883-7678.